New Youtube video explains past history and benefits of Haritaki Plus

This brand-new video explains the history and positive aspects of Haritaki Plus.
Within the past months I have actually been examining and researching about Haritaki. Exactly what I found out, through the research study of historical Buddhism and Hinduism, has been particularly interesting to me. In this post and video I share the positive aspects and discoveries.

I aren't sure if you know, however in India the Hindu religious beliefs has been in presence for over 10,000 years. The early custom is called the Vedic Tradition. In this tradition, there is a medical and recovery system called Ayurveda. The Ayurveda system is based on healing the mind/body/spirit, with the goal of causing higher consciousness and knowledge. In Ayurveda, the most important herb is Haritaki. It is referred to as "The King of Herbs" and is suggested as a cure-all for every single disease.

Now we have to ask, why would this be a cure-all for all health problems? It is due to the fact that Haritaki cleans the entire internal energetic system, which in turns effects every part of the body, including the brain. The most noticeable impact of Haritaki is in the intestinal tracts, which begin to operate at optimal levels. This area of the body is understood in numerous natural medicine insiders as the 2nd Brain. In fact the stomach and intestinal tracts are a large noticing area. The blood flowing from the intestines goes to every part of the body system bring probably high quality blood or poor quality blood. When the system is clear, the full dietary value of the blood is provided to the body at maximum level.

Tibetan Buddhism recognized this benefit of Haritaki. In doing research I've discovered that, for all sorts of conditions, medicines in Tibet contained Haritaki as a basic ingredient. Haritaki's usefulness, then and now, remains to be superb.This is the video here

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New Youtube video explains past history and benefits of Haritaki Plus